DSC_0373DSC_0371DSC_0372On Saturday, September 20 the XVI Conference of the Hungarian Dietetic Association was held in Budapest.
For some reason I was expecting a small meeting with a few members, instead I was pleasantly surprised when, upon arrival, I saw that the place was beautiful, modern and at the same time practical and elegant.
I also changed my mind when I walked into the conference room: a crowd of doctors, nutritionists and dieticians (about 350 people!!!) politely and primly sitting and waiting for the start of the speeches.
I must confess that a mild anxiety assailed me but then, thanks to a meeting with the president Jolan Kubanyi that reassured me, I could make my report on the protein diet with complete peace of mind.
I am therefore pleased to extend a special thanks to President Jolan, for her simplicity, humanity, firmness and elegance have led this Congress and to Dr. Monika Fonyo who has organized and coordinated the event in an exemplary manner.


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