SDM conference in Budapest

In the last few months I didn’t write anything on the website, and I apologize for the wait, but it was a period full of exciting events and experiences, which emphasizes how the protein diet distinguishes itself from all other diets and how it is clearly the best.

In the wonderful setting of the Budapest Boston Hotel (as mentioned in the previous posts) there has been a major conference on the protein diet, sponsored by the company SDM, which was attended by 40 nutrition professionals, including doctors, biologists, nutritionists and teachers from three Hungarian universities.
The participants showed great interest in the subject matter and presentations, in fact the part of the conference dedicated to Q & A lasted for over two hours!

In addition, after the conference some doctors decided to test first-hand the qualities of the protein diet and, to date, the results are gratifying, which makes them, and me, very satisfied.

As for the next events, I was invited to participate in the International Congress on Obesity, to be held in Budapest in the first days of October, to talk about protein diet.
As always, for me it is an honor and a pleasure to discuss the subject in front of colleagues interested in pursuing the well-being of their patients in an easy and balanced way.

I will post soon with details on the various aspects of the protein diet!


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