May I introduce myself: I’m sixty years old, I live and work in Turin. I’m a medicine graduate specializing in Gynecology and Obstetrics. I have been executive for the Sant’Anna Obstetrician and Gynecological Hospital. I’m actually working as a family doctor. Together with this I work in my professional gynecological clinic and I deal (this has become my foremost activity) with research and cure of food disorders and nutrition.

During my medical career, both as a gynecologist and as doctor in general medicine, I often saw the relationship among several diseases and the wrong feeding habits of my patients, often leading to overweight and even obesity.
A few years ago I decided to patronize the Neurological-Immune-Endocrinological Master and Clinical Nutrition by the La Sapienza University in Rome.

I have therefore started to occupy myself of this problem, developing therapies and following an increasing number of patients.

After several years I can state I dealt with many cases with very good results, by means of science developed methods and the application of rigorous feeding protocols.