Overweight and obesity are among the foremost risk factors for metabolic illnesses (infarct, hypertension, ictus and diabetes), beside being cause of esthetical and psycological uneasiness in social and private life. This problem doesn’t only concern the most apparent cases: sedentary life or a diet too rich in carbos or fats regard an important number of adult people. Sometimes we have a tendency to underestimate the problem, thinking that being a little “round” is a symptom of good health.

We are often sure to eat healthily and correctly, but the scarce results and the arising of phisical problems clearly show how improvisation can lead to completely opposite results.

People who want to lose weight, often do it in a superficial way, following diets or advice given by newspapers or tvs, or worse they completely ‘cook up’ their own diet risking nutritional imbalance and ill judged food associations, not taking care of personal necessities.

Every nutritional course must be created by a specialist according to the patient’s necessities: only in this way can we speak of clinical nutrition.

Losing weight isn’t easy. The drop is slower than we hope, we must weigh every food, it’s difficult to follow a protocol when we are not at home. In this way we lose motivation and consistency putting back all the lost weight.
There is a rather easy solution given by the protein diet, a method studied and realized by Prof. Blackburn of Harvard University in the 70ies, which offers a rather quick weight loss, not dangerous because based on scientific facts. This must be followed under medical supervision, the doctor will formulate the alimentary protocol which will be followed by the patient.