The Protein Diet is the nutritional method processed in the USA about 40 years ago by Prof. Blackburn from Harvard University.
An approach to food that gives the possibility to lose weight in a fast and well balanced way, is sustained by sound scientific basis and by the strict control of a specialized Physician. It is a complete dietary program that goes from weight loss to the definition of a true food program.
The Protein Diet allows to lose weight, to shape the body, to remove a substantial part of cellulitis through the elimination of excessive fat body mass. All this without touching the lean body mass, that is muscles, bones, articulations and all the high cellularity organs.

Protein Diet joins two important principles: maximum efficiency with minimum effort that is, it permits to lose weight rather quickly without too much stress.

The advantages of the Protein Diet are many:
1 Absence of hunger
2 Physical and psychological well being
3 Important, constant and progressive weight decrease
4 Maintenance and improvement of skin tone, strength and luster of hair and nails

All of this by eating food (pasta, biscuits, rice a.s.o.) made of vegetal proteins drawn from soja, milk, peas and so on.

There are about 70 products from which to choose on the catalog. The patient will be satisfied because he/she eats varied foods 4 times a day. These products are totally natural, without anfethamines or hormones.
The first, strict phase of the diet is followed by a “transition” phase where we gradually add food like animal proteins, sugars, fats, carbohydrates and so on, in order to allow the body to restore a proper methabolism.
It is important to emphasize that the Protein Diet isn’t appropriate for every patient: it is forbidden to people with type 1 juvenile diabethes, during pregnancy, to patients with important hepatic and renal deficiency, or to people suffering from cancer.

Many people believe and affirm that the Protein Diet can be dangerous for renal function: a large segment of international literature has shown that the methabolic acidosis that is established is totally under control and that the protein composition of these foods does not create problems to health.

As an evidence I treated many patients, even severely obese ones, who were sent to me by nephrologist colleagues well aware that a strict and effective diet is a lot preferable to a diet which lasts for a long time with mixed results.