We must generally remind that correct nutrition, physical activity and a healthy life help people to stay fit.
It is therefore important to follow a correct diet, but better still, we must have a correct way of life to be able to keep the results we have reached, eating the right foods both in quantity and in quality, and adding to this the necessary phisical activity, which, beside weight, will help to keep under control also stress.

This third and last stage is the Feeding Protocol, intended to create a personalized feeding sequence to optimize methabolic functions. In this way the patient won’t take back the lost weight and his/her welfare will be improved.

This phase is very important to maintain both in the long and the medium span the results we have reached: we must reeducate ourselves to a healthy, varied and complete feeding protocol pursuing the alimentary balance.

To find the correct alimentary sequence we must know a series of parameters (intra and extra cell water intake, glandular functioning, lean and fat body mass, electrolytic balance and so on). This data will be obtained with the help of special equipments and processed by a computerized program. In this way the alimentary sequence derived from this will make the patient eat the right amount of sugars, carbohydrates, proteins, mineral salts and so on. In this way we will optimize the functioning of the most important endocrine glands (pancreas, adrenal, thyroid a.s.o.), and, consequently, the methabolism.

A correct feeding sequence increases not only the lean mass, magnifying bone and muscle consistency ( and decreasing fat quantity), but is mostly an advantage in chronic diseases prevention, such as diabete, hyper tension, rheumatic illness. Beside all this, welfare will be greatly improved by abating or even cancelling, vague and nonspecific symptoms, such as bloating, constipation, chronic tiredness, fluctuating hunger, nocturnal awakenings, tachycardia, hand and feet coldness etc.

Concludendo: una corretta sequenza alimentare non soltanto aumenta la massa magra, esaltando la consistenza delle ossa, dei muscoli, ecc., (e quindi abbassando quantità di massa grassa) ma soprattutto è un punto di forza per la prevenzione di malattie croniche quali diabete, ipertensione, malattie reumatiche. Inoltre migliora la qualità di vita riducendo, o facendo scomparire, i “sintomi vaghi ed aspecifici” quali: gonfiore addominale, stitichezza, stanchezza cronica, fame altalenante, risvegli notturni, tachicardia, mani o piedi freddi, ecc.

As an old saying goes, ” We are what we eat”!